Good question. Here's my answer.
I'm on the streets. But everywhere I turn, things are looking up.
Homeless today. House tomorrrow.
There were multiple factors that contributed to my journey out of homelessness. The most important factor is one with three parts: me, myself, and I.
Ten days in my life as I fight homelessness and addiction
You may have seen us flying the sign on the highway exit ramps or asking you help us find work or get a meal. We are not victims. You should know that. 
Sometimes stuff gets in the way of life.
Princess was "one of a kind."
Julia lives in an industrial warehouse storage room owned by an old friend. Her storage room—a big closet, really—has a door that locks; and over the…
Trying to find a shower while facing homelessness.
From David Alan Goldberg — Part Two of his hand-drawn series on doing life while facing homelessness.
Two short pieces about surviving, thriving