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Grit. Hope. Hustle — the September and October publishing recap.

Speak Up has published the following pieces over the last two months.

Most of them are written by people who are facing (or have faced) homelessness and poverty.

Thank you for reading.

Ringing the Holiday Bell (🔒 Subscribers Only)
Tom Carter reflects on his experience as a Salvation Army bell ringer.

The Cigarette Cartel 🔒
Mark Gansert and his merry band create an alternate economy of homemade cigarettes and half-priced bus passes.

What to Give Someone on the Streets Part 1: Honor

What to Give Someone on the Streets Part 2: Useful & Opportunity 🔒

No Idea Why
Edward Smalls on the personal cost of gun violence. Plus: an Update.

Freedom Isn’t Liberty
Poetry, video slam, mini-essay, and partnership opportunity from Michael Glass.

Not a Bad Person, Just Invisible 🔒
From roving observer Matt Warren: the people who normally ignore.

Kelli is Taking Action
Meet a woman who is facing her challenges with hope and grit.

A Source of Love and Hope 🔒
In her first piece for Speak Up, Johanna Elattar gets personal about pet ownership among the homeless.

The Start of My Homelessness 🔒
Franklin gets real about the childhood abuse that started his lifelong struggle.

Refugee from the Madness
Mark Gansert and the streets of Miami.

Vendor Story: Matt is Loving People

Vendor Story: This is Ruth

Where is home?
Christina Williams and her fight for income and dignity.

I Keep Hope Alive as Best I Can 🔒
Chuck writes, runs, and hopes.

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