Freedom Isn't Liberty

From a homeless vet: poem, video, essay.

Freedom Isn’t Liberty

By Michael

Listen, I catch the sunrays
that's ultra-violent light
destroy this flesh won't be the death of me
darkness is a frenemy
freedom don't mean liberty
I'm only passing through
lift off this earth in cosmic flight my time's no longer overdue

Compose my lyrics so you folks may hear it
I walk the streets alone no guide
can only trust the Spirit
I see them females everyday
when will I find the one
to complete my soul and live in harmony
love isn't done

please hold your tongue
You speaking ignorance
life isn't bliss
finally graduated off the bottle back to momma's tits
children bear our innocence
taught in schools by socialists
please keep your distance
streets are crowded with protesters
damn, I wonder what's the difference

Black don't matter
neither white nor brown, yellow or red
if your life's a living color then your character is dead
yeah, you just heard what I said
I don't fear justice, only dread
your lying prostrate far ahead
and for this country I have bled

This just a scene of what's to come in time
high poverty
broke government
politics are crime
seek till you find
we the people need to stand united, that's lest we fall
one republic is our nation under God I do recall

© Copyright 2021 Redbeard the Rhymer.


By Michael

Our homeless population in Asheville has a problem. We are told that so long as we keep a clean camp, we can sleep within the city limits, even downtown. It sounds simple, but it isn’t.

Law enforcement, citizens, and our own homeless community disrupt that mission in a variety of ways. It leave us with the choice of sleeplessness, jail, or to take ourselves outside city limits to live out our lives.

If our community would come together and stand together, and help one another keep our campsite clean and well-tended, the surrounding community would support us. And yes, it goes without saying, that crime and drugs are prevalent in our community and among the homeless, but we are only the unfortunate result of the bigger problem that needs to be addressed here in Asheville.

Yes there are programs and community resources in place, but they've been abused to the point where we are made to jump through so many hurdles as to be impossible, not to mention Covid-19 protocols that are still affecting our homeless community.

So where do we go?

My wife and I spot abandoned properties and businesses just about everywhere we travel, and always ask each other, "Wouldn't that be awesome if the city would buy this or that property to make a home for families who are homeless?" Instead of extending city funding for "Arts" and "Tourism," Why not allocate funds to take care of the homeless community instead of ignoring us and considering us a “nuisance?"

This just a scene of what's to come in time
high poverty
broke government
politics are crime

—from “Freedom Isn’t Liberty”

If my voice can speak up loud and clearly, it would be to the citizens of this state and country to rally behind us and support those ministries, organizations, and philanthropists who sympathize and have genuine love in their hearts for those “lonely and so poor” and oppressed.

May these words turn your hearts to help your brothers and sisters.

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Michael and Gypsy are a kind and thoughtful husband and wife. They are currently in western North Carolina.

He is a military veteran, having served in Iraq.

Both are passionate about improving their situation, overcoming the cycle of street life, and shining a light to others.

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