Matt is loving people

Matt takes to the streets. He notices, hears, prays for, and serves the people that most of society has forgotten. From his home base apartment in Chicago, to the streets of Charlotte, to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, he pursues and makes time for the poor—and poor in spirit.

In his words:

A person’s different social status does not make them less human. Someone’s bad decisions when younger doesn't make them less than human. Addiction does not make a person less than human. We are all created in God's image, and until we can see God in the faces of those we pass daily, no real change will happen.

As Matt travels, he’s capturing stories (coming soon on this site!), writing, taking photos, and conducting interviews for Speak Up. Much of his work is funded by paying subscribers. When you sign up for a monthly $10 subscription, Matt gets paid.

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