Have you been changed by an encounter with someone facing homelessness?How have you—mindset, expectations, life—been transformed by someone on the streets? Share the details of the encounter and what shifted.
Speak Up
He was eating out of the trash. I’ve been homeless, but I’ve never lost my dignity like that.
Earleen Mingo
Julia lives in an industrial warehouse storage room owned by an old friend. Her storage room—a big closet, really—has a door that locks; and over the y…
Matt Shaw
Lisa was home. Janice was done! Jake was confused. Bob was lost.
Bill Mcilmail
Being homeless is not an easy thing. Being homeless with federal probation on top of it is unbearable.
Mark Gansert
Female and homeless
Renee Rop
Becoming homeless. And getting out of it.
Troy Burtnick
Work. Get high. Shoplift. Always on the run. Eventually everything crumbled.
Anthony Amos
The gift of grace.
Lana Shaw
Trying to find a shower while sleeping on the streets.
Matt Hoffman
It is a voice for those without.
Matt Shaw
I was mired in poverty. Of the body and of the mind. 
Angel Williams