UnmentionablesListen now | Episode 003 of Facing Homelessness. Essay by Renee Rop.

January 2023

“I knew he was in a bad way, but I never had any idea it was this bad,” I thought to myself as I stood in dad’s house looking at the cardboard sign.
Staying CleanListen now | Episode 002 of Facing Homelessness. Essay by Matt Hoffman.
My Two LivesListen now | Episode 001. By Jennifer. Read by Peggi Knowe.
Alternate Title: A Clearly Complicated Conversation With a Crazy Cat at Culver's

December 2022

I bought my first house at age 22. When the housing market crashed, I crashed with it.
I used to wonder how people became homeless. This probably started because there was a lady in Charlotte who used to wander the streets in a bright…
Dear Reader, Over the last couple years since we began publishing Speak Up Mag online, you’ve had the opportunity to read many dozens of stories written…

November 2022

NYC will start forcibly removing mentally ill people from the streets. Is this a good idea?Most of the people removed are likely to be homeless or vulnerably housed. “The move will include hospitalizing people from the subways and stre…
I am grateful for the rain as well as the sunshine; the floods as well as the drought; the famine as well as the plentiful; the naked as well as the…
A week of essays on thanksgiving and gratitude