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Episode 003 of Facing Homelessness. Essay by Renee Rop.

For the third episode of the Facing Homelessness podcast,

reads “Unmentionables” by Renee Rop:

Life on the street can be dangerous, even in our community.

There is theft, often among our own (homeless). If you can imagine stealing from another who has so little. There is violence. This often accompanies theft. Violence against our brothers and sisters.

There is sexual assault. Rape. Unfortunately, this is almost commonplace among our alleged brothers and our sisters. The incidents of sexual assault rise incrementally with the use of alcohol or other drugs.

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The original essay from Renee Rop is available free to all readers:

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Life on the streets is ROUGH: Where to sleep without being harassed; how to keep oneself and one’s valuables safe and dry; how to stay warm. Where is the nearest public restroom? One does not wish to get a loitering ticket, or even worse, a public urination charge, which is actually a Criminal Sexual Conduct charge. Life on the street is more difficul…
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