Jan 17 • 5M

My Two Lives

Episode 001. By Jennifer. Read by Peggi Knowe.

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Stories from the streets. Readings from essays written by authors facing homelessness, on the margins, and vulnerably-housed.
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Welcome to the first episode of Facing Homelessness, a new podcast from Speak Up.

Each short episode will feature a single essay written by someone who is experiencing or has faced homelessness.

Pieces are read aloud by Speak Up readers and subscribers. And occasionally by the author.

This essay was written by Jennifer. It is read by Peggi Knowe.

Read Jennifer’s original work here:

Speak Up
My Two Lives
I have been granted two lives in one lifetime. One lonely, one loved. One lost, one led. One selfish, one selfless. One would think that having the diseases of alcoholism and addiction is only a curse, but I have come to find that it has been my blessing. Thanks to AA, I am being taught how to utilize this blessing for the good of others…
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