As a volunteer at a Clubhouse International facility that serves individuals facing mental health challenges, I work in the Career Development Unit to assist members in securing employment or continuing their education. One of the most challenging aspects of our work is supporting individuals who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless. Unfortunately, there are limited housing options available, with group homes often being the only viable option for those with significant challenges. Our main focus is on helping members find employment, but it can be difficult to find positions that are both fulfilling and attainable, often requiring them to start at entry-level positions or pursue further education.

ChatGPT can help with resume writing and generate mock interview questions but the bottom line is a person still has to have the ability to land and keep the job.

As an aside, I write a substack titled "Legends of My Own Mind" DouglasBlom.substack.com. I write for a hobby and I ran out of ideas. I credited ChatGPT in my last post for finding some analogies and ideas. I thought the poem to be interesting, a series of contradicting statements, titled "One Man's Silence:

"One man's silence is another man's peace,

One man's daughter is another man’s niece.

One man's winter is another man's summer,

One man's ecstasy is another man's bummer.

One man's problem is another man's solution,

One man's beginning is another man's conclusion....

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Oh wow. This is use case hadn't occurred to me. Genius!

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Dear Chatbot, please write me a personals ad that will make me more successful with women.

(Chatbot catches fire)

So someone set up that chatbot to play chess versus a real chess engine. It cheated. Fifth move.

Look at it like this. That person who uses that AI letter will immediately be detected as a liar when they open their mouth.

This AI isn't real, it's just a conglomeration of algorithms and endless amounts of data.

It cannot think. It cannot pass a Turing test.

Nor is it anymore useful than the information loaded into it. As the eponymous GIGO stands true.

Garbage in, Garbage out.

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