Three Ways to Impact

This update gives three ways to help give a voice to voiceless and opportunity for those in need.

Help wanted: five volunteers for Pursuit Packs

“Pursuit Packs” are simple kits to help people facing homelessness or poverty join Speak Up to sell magazines and subscriptions. From anywhere in the USA.

In particular, we’ve found that panhandlers—people so downtrodden that they are holding signs to ask strangers for money—are great candidates for these. With a Pursuit Pack, this individual goes from begging to working, from asking for handouts to giving something of value. 

For many, it the first step on the journey out homelessness and reclaiming dignity.

THE ASK: Five people who are willing to hand out a Pursuit Pack within the next four weeks.

Here’s what that means:

  • We’ll send a Pursuit Pack to your address.

  • You will bring that kit to someone in need. (Either a beggar or someone else who is on the edge of poverty.)

  • It will take about 15 minutes for you to help them learn how to use it, which includes showing a video on your phone and interviewing them for some basic personal data so that Speak Up can follow up. 

  • You will be giving a powerful opportunity to someone in need and you’ll help Speak Up learn how to make this process even more effective.

  • Note: this is not limited to beggars and the under-the-bridge homeless. It is also for folks who are on the edge of poverty and want to boost their income. You may already have someone in your life who would benefit.

Willing to help?

Just reply to this email with your name and mailing address. Looking for five people.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation today

Speak Up Magazine is a 501(c)3 Public Charity. Most of our funding comes from readers and private donors. That support comes in waves—rising and dipping in often unpredictable ways. With this ask, we’re aiming to make up a $10k shortfall over the last couple months.

Would you consider giving today?

That shortfall can be easily met if everyone chips in as their capacity allows:

  • 100 people giving $100 

  • Ten people giving $1,000

  • Or some combination of the above.

Thank you!


New: Vendor Pages

The vendor pages are aimed at people who are not yet paying subscribers to Speak Up. It is through those links that folks are able to subscribe for monthly content and ensure that a specific hardworking homeless-facing entrepreneur gets paid. While they work hard to sell magazines and subscriptions in their personal fight against poverty, you can subscribe to support their efforts.

Check out the pages for RuthMattSharon, and Micheal & Gypsy.