Things Seemed Impossible

I've encountered many miracles large and small that have shaped how I see hardships.

I was on the streets and addicted. For years I had been fighting what I thought was a losing battle with drugs, hopelessness, and homelessness. 

When suddenly one day lost my appetite for drugs. It just happened. I knew it was a miracle—one I had been praying about for many years.

When that happened, family and friends saw that I had changed and reached out their hands to help me.

After that, I had gainful employment doing building maintenance and housekeeping for Bank of America. Talk about a turn-around for an ex-crackhead! I had a stable place to live and life was good. I remember feeling like I was a productive part of society.

Then an unbelievable opportunity came my way to work and live on the largest passenger train in the world with the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus. I was divorced, and my child was grown and on her own. Hey, why not?

Those were the best three years of my life. The circus trained me as a brake and train mechanic, and I travelled all over the U.S.

Three years ago, we were in Austin, TX, and I left the train on my bicycle to go to the store when I was struck by an SUV. The driver didn’t even stop. The one witness called for help. When the ambulance got there, they had to revive me three times.

I suffered a traumatic brain injury and dozens of broken bones.

I spent six months in the hospital. After coming home to heal, I was anxious to get back to work. I tried, but was not physically able to work. My job covered my doctor bills, but back at home, I had no way to support myself. 

I was afraid that I would find myself homeless again. I’ve had about ten surgeries and and struggled with deep depression. A lawyer started a disability case for me, but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

I started attending a church, New Life Trinity. It was there that I really learned the power of prayer. I was told that God didn’t bring me through all of that to let me fall on my face.

I was in the hospital and had my gallbladder removed (because of the accident) when I got a call from my lawyer telling me that my case concerning the accident was denied. They filed an appeal.

When my appeal date came, I got the time mixed up and was running late. I was on the way but my lawyer called and said the judge was going to drop the case because I wasn’t there. I was frantic. I got onto the light rail train, but almost immediately it started slowing down. What was happening? The conductor announced that there was another train broken down up ahead, and we would be delayed. I couldn’t believe my bad luck. It was going to be years before I had another chance!

But then I thought about all the work and prayers I’d put in, and the others who prayed with and for me. I decided that I would hold on to hope. 

At that moment, my lawyer called and said, “You don’t have to come. The judge is going to award it to you.” Amen!

My life is much more of a struggle now due to my physical hardships. But I also see miracles that this every day. So when things look impossible, I just don’t give up.

Don’t give up. 

No matter how bad it looks, don’t give up.