I couldn't believe my eyes

I’ve been homeless, but I’ve never lost my dignity like that. 

One of the days that I was out selling Speak Up magazines, I saw something tragic.

I saw a homeless guy eating out of the garbage can! I had to stop and really look. I said to myself, “Am I really seeing this?” 

I’ve heard about people eating out of the trash, but to actually see it was so sad. I’ve struggled, but never like that. He was digging through the garbage, obviously really hungry. Before I could say anything to him, he found some food and sat down to eat. He smiled like someone who had won the lottery.

It was some salad and part of a sandwich. He acted like he hadn’t eaten in ages.

I sold someone a magazine, and when I looked up, he was gone. I said to myself, “I wish I could catch him.” I could have offered him a chance to join Speak Up, but he was gone. 

I’ve been homeless, but I’ve never lost my dignity like that. 

One day, I hope to see him again. I will not forget him. It looked like he was wearing all of his clothes: layers upon layers. It was a warm day but he had on two coats, at least two pairs of pants, a hat, and boots. They were filthy. You could tell he was homeless. It looked like he had not taken a bath in a while.

I pray for him.

— Earleen

“I can’t do that right now.”

Mark Horvath of Invisible People has been giving a voice to the voiceless for over a decade.

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