I Am Grateful For Life

I am so very grateful for life.

I am grateful for little things that make up life. I have suffered through life. I have learnt a lot in life. From birth to where I stand now—and beyond. 

I am grateful for the rain as well as the sunshine; the floods as well as the drought; the famine as well as the plentiful; the naked as well as the dressed; the downs as well as the ups; the weeds as well as the roses; crying as well as laughter; the frown as well as the smile.

I have experienced abuse, pain, agony, misuse, mistreating, teasing, and so much other suffering through the years. I have also survived two strokes. I have lived through things I could only dream of. No. I would never dream I could make it through what I have made it through. If I was asked, I would have sworn I would not survive. Yet I did. I did. I have. I will. I will survive.

All by the Grace of God.

December 21, 2010, I started reading my Bible. I haven’t stopped since. In fact, I do believe I have only missed a total of three days. Two of those days I was in the hospital. Now I even grab it when I see the need to go somewhere. I read from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. Then I read it again and again and again. Every time I read it or reread it, I always find something new. This is why I am so thankful.

I am thankful I can praise my Heavenly Father daily. I don’t care what I face in life here on earth, I still sing God’s Praises. I praise Him for all my neighbors and friends. I praise Him for waking us up to fight this battle again. 

I am just so thankful for life.


By Christina Williams

Thank God
Thank God Almight’!

The sun rises
The sun set
The moon shines bright

Lord forgive me
Don’t forget me

I have seen the light
In the morning
At noon time
Late over in the night

You I praise
To You I pray
That You will make things right

Thank God
Thank God
Thank God Almight’!