Homelessness Is

Homelessness is falling asleep at McDonald’s.

Homelessness is being exhausted all the time.

Homelessness is waking up refreshed and lucid on one of those rare mornings when you found a place to sleep, undisturbed. 

Homelessness is being too tired to give a flying fart, so you lay your head wherever you feel safe.

Homelessness is making valiant, almost magical attempts at blending in with your surroundings, and society’s ridiculous expectations.

Homelessness is the martial art of honing your skills as a hustler so that you may make a decent living (for someone living on the streets) by any means necessary.

Homelessness is doing anything to make an honest buck, even if it means compromising your self-respect.


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“Things I Could Have Used” — Remembered by David Alan Goldberg

Speak Up regular contributor and artist David Alan Goldberg shares a list of practical items that are useful for the person facing homelessness.

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