Homeless Again

I'm on the streets. But everywhere I turn, things are looking up.

I recently became homeless again. I’m in Florida. I’ve been on the streets since Wednesday and to be perfectly honest I’m in good shape about life. My appetite has returned and I’m getting more than five or six hours of sleep each night.

The circumstances of why I became homeless again are confusing without a long detailed background story. I had to leave the recovery house because I was unable to pay rent. That’s the bottom line. I left on good terms. My departure wasn’t because I had gone back to drinking or anything of that sort. I’ve been volunteering at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore for about a year and fortunately they are going to let me keep some of my things here until I decide on a location to go and finding transportation there.

I’m sleeping in a cluster of trees four blocks from the center of town. Of course it’s very temporary and I’d like to find some place more stable and permanent as soon as possible. Sleeping under the sky is not very comfortable when it starts pouring the rain. I’ve been fortunate with dry weather so far and have no idea right now what I’m going to do when it does start raining.

I have over 18 months sober now and I don’t even think about drinking anymore.

I know deep down that drinking is not an option for me if I wish to remain among the living. Thankfully that is about the only option I don’t have. Everything is possible except that. I still have my camera and computer and now also have a decent bicycle. Those are the three material things I’d least want to part with.

I’m at that homeless “Catch 22” stage where I can’t get and keep a job without stable living conditions and I can’t get stable living conditions without having a job.

After living homeless and drunk for about 17 years previously, I’m comfortable living with less. All I need is a job and a roof. I’d even consider working for room and board.

From there, I’ll keep climbing up the ladder. I just need help reaching that first rung.

Right now I’m checking doors. I’m just trying to determine which doors are closed and which doors possibly open. When I find a door (opportunity) that won’t open, then that is good—because I can focus my attention on other doors.