Call Me Sidewalk

At first being homeless was one of the scariest situations I had ever dealt with. Where to go, where do I eat, where do I sleep? Full of terrifying questions. These where my my first thoughts. Where do I go now that I am homeless?

After awhile, I figured it out. I got used to it. I met people and learned how to survive.

Sometimes I even prefer being on the streets. I come and go as I please. I wake up when I want, the same choice I make when I go to sleep. Maybe you have a nagging boss? I don’t. Did you remember to pay the light bill? I have candles. Life is easier with less stuff and fewer rules.

Okay, not everything is better about my life. I don’t have a home or TV or fridge or air conditioner or heat. I don’t have safety. Just my tent and blankets.

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