Jul 25, 2023 • 4M

Alfonso the STS Bus Driver

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Ruth Hsieh
All about me. I love to draw and share. Thankful for the people in my life. Formerly homeless. Things have been hard. I see joy everywhere.
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If you haven't signed up for Ruth's Podcast, you are missing out. She's faced homelessness, family persecution, immigration woes—and all the while maintained an effervescent hope and gratitude. Her podcast consists of mini-essays from her life. First a spiritual devotional, then a message of gratitude about something tangible: a friend, an event, etc. This has to be one of the best ones. About Alfonso, the driver of the bus for people mental and physical disabilities. Listen and subscribe! -

Alfonso is a good friend of mine. He's a special transportation bus driver. His job is picking up and dropping off the mentally and physically disabled passengers on board. Alfonso is a very skilful bus driver.

He is training the employee who are new to the special transportation systems. I'm happy to happen to be one of the lucky riders he transports.

Most of the transportation bus drivers have very warm, loving, kind, concerning, and compassion hearts.

The bus drivers are very cautious about their work. My church is located the Northwest Park side of town of Charlotte. My bus route to the church is very, very dangerous during raining days. The road is very slippery. There are a lot 16 wheeler loading trucks…