November 2022

A week of essays on thanksgiving and gratitude
In search of a shower (and dignity).

October 2022

Winter is knocking. I'm not ready.

September 2022

Why I evicted myself from my own house.

August 2022

I have an address now and it’s not just a mailing address, it’s an actual place where I live. It’s a place where I’m able to really live and not simply…

July 2022

We've been sitting on this wild story for years. It is being released for subscribers only.

May 2022

Homeless in Charleston: Part 3
Here are a few things I could have used while on the streets... (With a downloadable PDF for the little ones to color!)

April 2022

When facing homelessness, you make friends quickly. Losing them is heartbreaking. Here are three that shaped who I am today.
Care and services organizations: a mixed bag.

March 2022

Part One