Getting mad at someone and killing someone...that’s not the way.
From a homeless vet: poem, video, essay.
Meet Amber. She is 31 and, like the sign reads, she is not a bad person. I saw her every night that I was in the French Quarter. She doesn't ask for he…
Princess was "one of a kind."
This is the truth as I see it.
The smell of urine burning my nostrils as I walked the streets I once slept on just a month earlier.
It was the most painful time of my life, but I was determined that it wouldn’t drive me down.
I write. I run. I hope.
By the time Doug met Speak Up, he had faced—and overcome—years of homelessness and drugs. His story was one of crippling darkness, humiliating rock bot…
With the right one, anything is possible.
I've encountered many miracles large and small that have shaped how I see hardships.
Trying to find a shower while facing homelessness.