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Kelli recently came to South Carolina in search of a fresh start. She is scrappy, full of hope, and passionate about inspiring others with her stories of perseverance.

Across the country there are hundreds of thousands of folks facing homelessness and fighting for financial stability. Some of them have given up and accepted a life of despair and begging.

Kelli has not given up. From the printing industry to landscaping, Kelli has worked hard all her life. Once, while between cars, she walked ten miles to her job. Getting work is her number one focus right now—she’s lining up interviews and hunting for steady income. After that, it’ll be finding a place to live. Currently Kelli is in a too-expensive motel room, which she doesn’t like, because her money is going faster than she can afford.

She has discovered that landlords won’t rent to someone without a job. “It’s kind of a chicken and egg situation,” she said. “You can’t rent an apartment without a job, and it is hard to work a job when you are on the streets.”

While she fights for stability, she has partnered with Speak Up to sell magazines and subscriptions that give a voice to those without.

When you subscribe to Speak Up through Kelli ($10 monthly), you’ll get access to inspiring stories from voiceless people—and she gets paid.

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Subscribe via Kelli

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  • Supports Kelli as she gives a voice to the voiceless and works hard for her stability.

  • Cost: $10 monthly or $120 a full year.

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