I Am Grateful. I Am Vince.

I’ve met many people in my travels. I’ve met more strangers that were kind than unkind.  

I’ve been to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, everywhere up and down the East Coast, Puerto Rico, California and to a lot of places in between.

One thing I’ve found. Some of the kindest people I’ve met have happened to be residentially challenged (a.k.a.homeless). I think it’s because they’ve walked a mile in my shoes. They can identify with some of the challenges that I go through every day. They can relate. 

There have been days when I only needed 15 cents to get a cup of coffee and I’ve asked complete strangers if they could help me out with only 15 cents. I tell them I don’t need a dollar or a five or a ten. A lot of people look me up and down and obviously don’t see beyond my less-than-clean clothes and the backpack that indicates I’m homeless. I never know what I’ll get. Some would rather feed the parking meter for their Mercedes. Some help me get that coffee. Some look like they’d rather spit on me. 

I’m not complaining, I’m just sharing what I’ve experienced. I don’t blame people for not helping me. They may have worked hard for many years. They have a right to spend their money as they wish. 

At times I’ve approached a homeless person who I knew was worse off than me. First I’ll ask how they’re doing. If the conversation continues I’ll eventually get around to asking for that 15 cents. I’ve experienced those kind people give me every cent in their pocket. People that do their best to help when they can are blessed. They understand that eventually everything that comes around goes around.

One shining example of good people is this guy I met recently.

Let’s call him Carl.

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